It is my pleasure to welcome you and the members of The Institute of Korean Traditional Culture to the 9th Annual Skokie Festival of Cultures.

The Skokie Festival Of Cultures was developed in 1991 to create a better understanding and appreciation between members of different ethnic, cultural and religious groups residing within the community through the creation, preservation, exhibition, demonstration and performance of traditional ethnic folk arts, Over two fun-filled days, twenty ethnic/cultural groups provide extensive multi-media exhibitions and demonstrations including paintings, sculpture, printing, woodcarvings, pen and ink drawings, tapestries, pottery, textiles, needlework, beadwork, baskets, ceremonial clothing and head dresses, jewelry, glass, leatherwork, Metalwork, children's activities, cuisine, and traditional ethnic folk dance & music to more than 200,000 people.

As we move towards the new millennium, programs such as the Skokie Festival of Cultures go along way to preserve history, heritage and promote multi-culturalism.

Members of the Skokie community are very excited about your visit, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Village of Skokie.

A World of thanks and best Wishes for continued success.

Elizabeth S. Kessler
Chairperson, Skokie Festival of Cultures